The academy’s approach to teaching, although highly individual to every teacher, is characterised by Building Learning Power, Talk for Learning (Dialogic teaching), Assessment for Learning and Kagan Structures, all of which are deeply woven into all practice at Middlethorpe Academy.

The academy offers pupils an innovative and exciting learning journey. Pupils love learning and this is a direct result of the excellent relationships between staff and pupils and the design of learning. Adults continually demonstrate a deep knowledge and understanding of the curriculum, using highly effective questioning techniques to assess pupils understanding and adapt teaching in response.

Maths and English are woven throughout the curriculum, equipping all pupils with the necessary skills to make outstanding progress in all that they do. The academy’s enquiry focused curriculum offers opportunities to develop and apply skills, reinforcing the process of taking learning from the working memory to the long term memory.

Teaching about emotional, social and mental wellbeing is of paramount importance. SMSC is taught throughout the curriculum and when necessary it is taught discretely with a creative approach, for example the academy’s drugs education is taught discretely to year 6 with a theatre production and followed up with talk for learning. All staff encourage and model risk taking and are resilient to failure.

Teachers take pupils’ learning to extraordinary lengths and the classroom environments reflect this.

If you would like any further information about your child’s curriculum please do not hesitate to contact the school or ask their class teacher.